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Click & Sign is placed in the driver´s seat in helping you with your digitization strategy by guaranteeing the legal security of your electronically signed documents.

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With Click & Sign,the electronic signature of documents is easy and fast, there is no need to install any app, it is optimized for any device and has same legal validity as traditional contracts.

How Click &Sign is used by

Final users

Electronic signature by SMS or email

First contact

The user receives an email or SMS with a link to access to the signature page or from a link or button placed at your corporate webpage.

Signing documents with esignature

Document signature

Signing is as easy as entering an OTP received by SMS or by clicking on a button. From the same page, the user can first upload documentation, such as payslips or bills.

By companies

Send your documents to be signed electronically

Beginning of the process

Send documents to be signed by email or SMS, from the provided management area or redirect users from your website to the signature page.

Management area for managing your digital signatures

Management area

From the management area you can send documents to be signed, manage the current deliveries, or configure the patterns to optimize your signature processes.

API to integrate your electronic signature on your website for free


With Click & Sign API totally free of charge, you can fully integrate electronic signature solutions into your ERP or CRM.

Industry solutions

Esignature saves office space, costs and time Administrative tasks will be simplified, you will get the traceability and statistical information of each process, you will have the documentation jointly organized and stored for 5 years and, in addition, you will be able to automate the entire signing process.

Electronic signatures for utilities


  • New customer forms
  • New tariffs
  • Automation of the commercial process (send notifications to change the tariff or to contract additional services in just one click).
Digital signature for healthcare

Public and health services

  • Send SMS for notification and follow-up of appointments, cancellations, change of dates .
  • GDPR acceptance
  • Signing civil liability documents
  • Legal communications
Digital signature for insurance

Insurance and Insurtech

  • New customers
  • wider coverage
  • Renewals
  • Push marketing campaigns
  • GDPR acceptance
Digital signature for Human Resources

Human Resources

  • Employee onboarding
  • Signing work contract expiration
  • Signing temporary layoffs
Electronic signature for banking

Banks & Fintech

  • Online credit card contracting
  • Signing for utility services
  • Online signup forms
  • GDPR acceptance
Electronic signature for Real Estate

Real Estate

  • Rental contracts
  • Analytics and massive monitoring of contracts and their expiration. (easing administrative tasks).
Free esignature API

Free esignature API

Our free API allows to integrate a complete electronic signature solution with your CRM, ERP or mobile application.

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Pay per use

Pay per use

With Click & Sign you pay-per-use,no fees. You can also pre-calculate the price.

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